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PEETO's History

Co-Directors Patrick O'Connor and Saena Herman Ah Kuoi established PEETO in 1991. Herman Ah Kuoi resigned in 2010 and Patrick O'Connor is now the sole Director. Patrick O'Connor is also the Chairperson of PEETO Intercultural Development Trust alongside Ray Maclean and Pacal Brown. The Co-Directors aim was to respond to the English language, vocational and further study aspirations of internationals students, migrants, Pasifika people and refugees. In 1993 PEETO became registered and accredited with NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) and as a private training establishment has developed a reputation for leadership and expertise providing training services and advancing the vocational goals of predominantly NESB (Non-English Speaking Background) people.

PEETO, The Multi Cultural Learning Centre is a limited liability company with total shareholding retained by Patrick O'Connor.

PEETO as a parent company has three subsidiaries currently in operation:

Some activities of the above-named subsidiaries overlap each other. The Intercultural Development Trust is governed by a board of trustees whose membership encompasses years of experience and expertise in working alongside its target groups.

Training services delivered by PEETO are both fee paying (PEETO -  English Language College) as well as Government funded (PEETO - Pasifika Education & Employment Training Organisation) and philanthropic trust, community trusts, local government funded (PEETO Intercultural Development Trust).

Students attending PEETO English Language College courses are either:

The courses currently provided by PEETO Pasifika Education and Employment Training Organisation are funded through the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), under the banner Intensive Literacy and Numeracy scheme sometimes known as ILN. Full time ESOL courses including a Computing component are funded this way. The courses are free for students who are registered at Work and Income New Zealand as At Risk of Long Term Unemployment or are a Quota refugee and registered as a job seeker at Work and Income New Zealand.

The courses are based around Learning Objectives, some of which are language based, and others are skill / knowledge based. NZQA Unit Standards in ESOL, Business Administration and Core Skills are assessed against in these courses. It is a requirement that the student is aiming towards employment, and a personal programme is developed with the tutor to determine goals and learning pathways.

PEETO - Pasifika Education And Employment Training Organisation occasionally offers programmes funded through Work and Income New Zealand.

PEETO Intercultural Development Trust was established to allow PEETO to continue in its philanthropic activities and to apply for funding for such projects. There are currently no programmes offered by the trust.