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International Students in Class


PEETO English Language College offers full and part time English Language courses for international fee-paying students, ranging from Beginner to Advanced and including preparation for the IELTS examination. Courses are also open to students who have New Zealand residency and are not otherwise eligible for Government subsidy of course costs. Courses are also offered in:

Courses are paid for by the learner with costs dependant on visa type, length of course, and hours of study per week. All classes include a Conversation Assistants programme where students can interact and engage with ‘Kiwi’ people. The course content is carefully designed, delivered in small classes (15 maximum) and uses inter-active teaching and study methods. Textbooks and general resources are used and can be purchased at PEETO if required.

A range of ESOL computer learning programmes will soon be available.

General English

Courses are offered from Beginner to Advanced levels and cover all aspects and skills of the English Language, including the skills needed to study at tertiary level. Assessment and progress reviews are conducted regularly and students can advance to the next level when appropriate. Students have individual interviews on a regular basis with tutors to discuss their learning programme.

Students are assessed upon arrival at PEETO to determine their general level of English, including oral and written competency, prior learning, and / or any academic pre-requisites necessary to participate effectively in their chosen course. Once the assessment has been completed, PEETO will make an offer of placement in a class at the student's level of English Language proficiency, provided there is a place available at the appropriate level. Weekly practice tests and specific assessments allow the student to monitor progress. Regular interviews with the course tutor give valuable feedback and guidance. Dictionaries are provided for classroom use. Many students use smartphone dictionary applications.

Student Academic Study Pathways

The diagram below shows the different options available to students during and after their study at PEETO  English Language College.

Student Academic Study Pathways Diagram

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Preparation Courses (Please enquire if currently being offered)

General IELTS

This course enables students to improve their level of General English Language in listening, speaking, reading and writing. IELTS is also a requirement for prospective immigrants to New Zealand and several other English-speaking countries. A level of 6.5 is required for immigration purposes. Weekly practice tests are conducted.

Academic IELTS

This course includes preparation tests for the IELTS examination, which is held twice per month. These tests are valuable to students seeking to enter a University or Polytechnic. A pass of 5.5 is required as entry level for a University Foundation course, for Undergraduates 6.0 - 6.5 (no section score lower than 5.5), and for Postgraduates a pass of 6.5 - 7.0 (no section score lower than 6.0).

The IELTS examination courses are a very important step towards gaining internationally recognised qualifications.

Conversation Assistants Programme

The aim of the weekly conversation time is to give students an opportunity to speak in English to a native English speaker other than their class tutor. This aspect of our programme is highly valued by staff and students and has evolved into an integral part of the learning package offered at PEETO.

Activities Programme

PEETO offers a varied activities programme for students, which includes cultural experiences, sightseeing, physical activities - indoor and outdoor sports, swimming, skiing etc. Many activities are free and some are available at a cost. All activities have a language learning component included.

Academic Year for PEETO English Language College Courses

College Terms
Term One 30th January until 13th April 2017
Term Two 01st May until 06th July 2017
Term Three 24th July until 28th September 2017
Term Four 16th October until 14th December 2017
Public Holidays
Waitangi Day 6th February 2017
Good Friday 14th April 2017
Easter Monday 17th April 2017
Anzac Day 25th April 2017
Queen's Birthday 5th June 2017
Labour Day 23rd October 2017
Canterbury Show Day 17th November 2017
Christmas Day 25th December 2017
Boxing Day 26th December 2017
1st, 2nd January 2014 New Years Holiday
College Hours
Course Day Class TIMES
Part Time Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 12:00pm
Part Time Monday to Thursday
01:00pm to 04:00pm