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International Students in Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Do PEETO teachers evaluate my learning progress?

Yes - PEETO teachers conduct regular evaluation and provide feedback to the student as to their progress.

Are there mainly one or two nationalities at PEETO?

No - PEETO is well-known for being a multicultural-college. Currently there are students from 25 nationalities studying at PEETO.

Can I change levels if my class is too easy / difficult for me?

Yes - You can change levels at any time though this rarely does occur as the placement test completed by students to determine the appropriate class is very accurate.

Can I do some self-study and access computers for learning and information?

Yes - Your teacher will give you materials for self-study as well as Wi-Fi access.

Is PEETO located near shops, restaurants, banks etc?

Yes - PEETO is within walking distance to the shopping centre in the convenient location, entertainment and eating districts.