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International Students in Class

Pastoral Care

Support Services, Pastoral Care and General Assistance

All Staff and Management at PEETO are available to talk to students about any concerns they have, whether they are related to their course, or any other part of their life. We are committed to help them to find solutions to any problem or concern they may have.

If students are concerned about their class, it is best to talk to the tutor first. If they don't feel comfortable about doing this, they can talk to the Academic Manager, International Student Coordinator or Director.

If there are some problems outside school, we can also help. First talk to the International Student Coordinator or to any other staff. If we can't help, we will find someone who can. If there is a need for an interpreter to help to explain the problem, we can arrange for this, or students are welcome to bring someone with them to help with language and for support.

It is very important to us that students are comfortable when they are learning, so we ask them to tell us if there is anything that makes them uncomfortable and we will address their concerns.

Recreation Activity

Soon after arrival, each student will be given a free scenic tour of Christchurch covering the city centre, gardens, parks, beaches, harbour and the Port Hills.

Every Friday afternoon the PEETO Activities Programme Coordinator organises a recreation activity free of charge for full time students. A small fee may apply for expensive excursions.

There is an unlimited range of interesting and exciting things to do including outdoor activities, cultural, sporting, food and music pursuits. Examples of activities and excursions include:

Mini golf, movies, picnics, swimming, visits to educational centres, cultural events, musical shows, the zoo, restaurants, farm visits, canoeing on the river, festivals and sports in the park.